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The 2nd eclipse in the tetrad is all about acceptance to me. I can’t do everything & time rules me more than I would like. My dreams usually exceed my human abilities. I am still a child.


I can do everything & time will not rule me more than I would like. My abilities can exceed my dreams if I challenge myself. I will never lose my child-self. And when my plans turn to crap or I lose heart or heave guts…I will try to laugh. Once you examine yourself, you must accept what you find. Take time with this step. You will spend the rest of your life with the person you find.


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50 Years and Counting I recently had the privilege of shooting the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the parents of a dear friend. It got me thinking about life in general and more specifically the relationships that form over time.


Time has a way of redefining itself as we get older. Where 50 years was forever at one time, it is now but a flash of our history. I looked around the room and saw a life, their life together in a capsule. I saw the friends and heard the stories. I vicariously absorbed the genuine affection that filled the room. I saw the adoring daughters, so adored by the parents that watched them grow and build their own families and support systems. After the event I was headed to the beach to celebrate a birthday with friends I've had for a number of years. I was headed there with the man I've spent the last 15 or so years with. He turns 50 this year. His family is my family. My family is his family. Most of our friends know each other!! I am so grateful for my support system. If you don't have one...I highly recommend that you get one. You don't need money or a great house. You don't have to be a certain size or shade. Just be genuine with the people you know and meet. Don't be mean. Don't enjoy the trials of others, but be honest as much as possible.


Today I was speaking with a friend and he mentioned a tennis coach who was working with him. When he told me the name of the organization I had to laugh. I had been to the post office earlier and had picked up an envelope that had been inadvertently dropped on the sidewalk in the rain. I retrieved the envelope and took it into the post office with me. It was addressed to the company of the tennis coach. It is indeed a small world and we are all connected even if we don't know it.


Take one beautiful thought or vision into your heart. Share a smile or a wish or a secret with a friend. You CAN fly...just test your wings before jumping off the cliff.

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Tetrad The TETRAD!!! The first of four total lunar eclipses in a row. What does it all mean? Does it mean I need a better telephoto lens? Perhaps. I did wake up to watch & shoot the moon the other night...or was it morning?

  That alone is pretty earthshaking for me. I usually wonder why they can't schedule these on the weekend! And really, 3 AM??? I've gotta go to work in the morning!   Oddly enough it was great family time. Chuck and I both set alarms. I woke 15 minutes early! Niki had been up, so she joined us. The cats were helping out with spontaneous tripod "adjustments".  That alone was totally worth it. I don't have nearly enough time to be with the people that I love.  So what does it all mean to me? Nothing...and everything, because that's what life is. It's what's you make of it. There is beauty to enjoy every minute of every day, but sometimes surviving gets in the way of living. Let this first of four allow us to examine one quarter of ourselves. Take a look at the part that lies in shadow and the part that is illuminated. Find your dream and pursue it avidly.



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Who Doesn't Love A Wedding? What do you love the most about weddings? Gathering with friends and family from far and near...laughing, crying and crying and laughing with the ones that you love? Why don't we get together more often? Why does it always take a grand occasion?

Truth is a bumpy road and you never know what turn it will take you around. So often we are unable to celebrate and enjoy the ones we love. So many things bind us to the the regimented. When the time comes we must celebrate it to the fullest. Let's all take a deep breath and remind ourselves of what makes us truly happy.

Spring has sprung, but the circle of life does not wait for this time of renewal. It is a continuous cycle where the four seasons continue in their own time...regardless of what our clocks tell us.

The time is now...or yesterday...or tomorrow, but the time belongs to you...and it has an expiration date...Get out there!! Right now!!

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My Joke Photo Turned Into A Photo Project

Last night I took a self portrait. I was sitting next to the Christmas tree shaking gifts left there by my daughter. I posted it on FB expecting to get a strong reprimand from her. What I didn’t expect was how many of my friends and family loved the photo. One family member even requested a print!  And then it came to me…PHOTO PROJECT!!! So every month I will post a self portrait. It will most likely be silly and have a theme that pertains to that month. I hope you will check back to see how foolish I can look over the coming year. Merry Christmas!! Happy Chanukah!! Merry Kwanzaa!!  And a Festivus…for the rest of us!! Whatever you are celebrating…make the most of it. Even if you do live more than one life…you only get to remember one at a time.


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