JEAN GALLIK(non-registered)
Love the pictures! Didn't know you had a web site.
Bernadine Turner(non-registered)
Great wedding photos. What a day, and you documented it beautifully. Good job.
Brenda Luckey(non-registered)
Another awesome set of prints from the greatest photographer around. You helped to make our wedding day wonderful and documented it magnificently with your photos.
Nerissa Gallik(non-registered)
You are so talented! All of your photos are beautiful!
Brenda Blake(non-registered)
I'd love to give you more comments on our photos, but it's a bit boring to type "Great" or "Awesome", 90+ times. They are all great in their own way. You have a way with a camera. Can't wait till we can get some prints.
Tripplett Bylenok(non-registered)
SPAM! I love You :-) GREAT site.
Brenda Blake(non-registered)
Wow! The shots of the wedding are awesome! Who would have ever thought that a shot of shoes could be so intriguing???? I'll be sure to contact you for my wedding.
Betty A Duffy(non-registered)
@ Bernadine Turner
What a coincidence!! I would love to provide you with beautiful portraits of you and your grandkids!! I will contact you via email and we can discuss this in more detail. Thanks for checking out my website.
Bernadine Turner(non-registered)
Would love to schedule a photo of me and my grand kids.
Caine Luckey(non-registered)
The photographs are exactly as you stated...they transport us to another place, with memories and feelings attached!!! Love the site.
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